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ORICON's PSP (PS Company's People) 1800 vol. 01 Feat. RUKI (the GazettE) & Shou (Alice Nine)

[TRANSLATION][ENG] ORICON's PSP (PS Company's People) 1800 vol. 01 Feat. RUKI (the GazettE) & Shou (Alice Nine) 

The common features of two people from the same generation?
―― Anyways. It’s fine whatever you’d like to talk about, so the plan is to have a 30 minutes free talk.
【RUKI】 Ahahaha. What a high hurdle, huh (lol). I’m pretty widely shaken up (lol).
【Shou】 My tension is rising, y’know.
【RUKI】 Let’s just relax (lol). This had better not turn rough. This plan.
―― That’s how you want it, I understand (lol).
【RUKI】 Yosh. Okay, first of all, please treat us favorably.
【Shou】 Ah, excuse me.
【RUKI】 Why are you apologizing, all of a sudden (lol)!
【Shou】 No no, I’m sorry (lol).
【RUKI】 That’s why (lol)!
【Shou】 No (lol). This is the first time we’re having this 1 on 1 conversation, as I’ve expected, I’m nervous. We’ve had the opportunity ((to do an interview like this)) together with the other members, but this is my first time having this new kind of conversation.
【RUKI】 That’s right, this is the first time we get to talk face to face, now I realize it.
【Shou】 The year that my band started, the GazettE-san had already been around for a year or so. We were given the chance to perform on a stage in a Live House that was like Takadanobaba phase at the same day. We were still like a childish band, but the GazettE-san was becoming an amazing band from that time. They were already awesome from that moment, huh, that’s the sort of feeling I had.
【RUKI】 Wait wait, it’s better if you tone it down a bit, Shou-kun (lol).
―― Ah, I think that’s RUKI-kun’s duty (lol).
【Shou】 Ah, I’m sorry. I started this with such a tough basis (lol). Moreover, he’s absolutely a great senior.
【RUKI】 Wait, wait a second (lol), don’t treat people like they’re some old geezer! We’re from the same generation.
【Shou】 Well, even if that’s the case.
【RUKI】 Also, before Alice Nine was formed, when Shou was in his previous band, I had already known his existence, although we had never spoken to each other.
【Shou】 Thank you!
―― Because the GazettE was formed in 2002, and Alice Nine in 2004, huh. Speaking about bands, you’re a senior by 2 years.
【RUKI】 Yes, yes. I’m just saying I’m not his senior ((in the matter of age)).
【Shou】 No, but, as expected 2 years is a big gap. I formed my first visual kei band in 2002. It’s because we’re really still childish.
―― When the two of you came to know each other, what sort of impression did that moment leave you with?
【Shou】 Naw, I really don’t want to talk about that.
【RUKI】 Why not! (lol) But we didn’t talk to each other then so I didn’t really get any impression. There’s only the impression that I got when we entered our current company (PS COMPANY). However, at any rate, everyone was so big! That was the first impression that I thought of (lol).
―― With the exception of Hiroto, huh.
【RUKI】 Ah, that’s right (lol). It’s because the guys in my band are rather short. Us and Alice Nine got into an elevator together, and ((inside)) it felt like we were overpowered (lol). The tallest in my band is Uruha, but he’s still no match against Shou-kun. The day I stood next to Tora, I was absolutely overpowered (lol).
【Shou】 Because Tora is the tallest in Alice Nine, he’s like 182 cm or so.
【RUKI】 182 cm you say! ((I feel like I’m in)) Gulliver’s kingdom world.
【Shou】 Ahahaha. Gulliver’s kingdom (lol).
―― But talking about family structure, RUKI is the youngest of two brothers, and Shou-kun is the eldest son with a younger sister, right. Today the elder brother and the younger brother roles are reversed (lol).
【RUKI】 Ah, is that so. Somehow, now that we’re in the position of senior-junior, although the roles are reversed, the truth is my character is that of a younger brother, you know (lol)
―― It seems like the two of you grew up in a similarly strict households.
【RUKI】 That’s right, my family was strict.
【Shou】 Mine, too.
―― And yet, the two of you turned into band men…
【RUKI】 Ahahaha. That’s a backlash, a backlash (lol). This is the result that emerged from such strict environment. I couldn’t even dye my hair. Shou-kun’s family was also that strict?
【Shou】 Yes, pretty strict. I had to study and study, and then during junior high school the feeling of wanting to rebel came up. But they haven’t changed and a’re still as gloomy as they were then…
【RUKI】 Shou-kun, so gloomy (lol).
【Shou】 That’s true, am I not exuding ((that gloominess))!
【RUKI】 I-I see…… that’s difficult to say, isn’t it (lol). Naw, you’re sparkling, since you’re a vocalist (lol). Speaking of which, am I not also sparkling (lol).
【Shou】 No, that is surely a backlash as well. I think it’s precisely because there’s this dark part inside my heart, I’m searching for the light. During high school, I joined the basketball club, but then an accident happened, causing me not to able to participate in a match anymore, and it became my turning point.
【RUKI】 You had an accident?
【Shou】 Yes. Stuck in the car, couldn’t participate in the match, when I felt so numb like I didn’t want to do anything and it was becoming dark before my eyes, I saw the images from LUNA SEA-san’s Yokohama stadium ((LIVE)) and my numbness disappeared. I found the light at that moment.
【RUKI】 I see. So it wasn’t basketball.
【Shou】 No, it wasn’t basketball. This! was what I thought. RUKI-san is also following LUNA SEA, right?
【RUKI】 Of course, of course. With that meaning, we’ve come to the talk about musical roots, haven’t we.
【Shou】 Right.
【RUKI】 But I don’t think that the flow of the conversation is as it’s supposed to be (lol). But, Shou-kun has been restraining himself from talking ((more freely)). Really, be more enthusiastic~ . Speak more frankly~.
【Shou】 Ah, yes. I’m sorry!
【RUKI】 Hey, you’re still being stiff (lol). Wait a second, why don’t we change today’s plan into 『A Meeting to Unfold Shou-kun』 (lol)?
【Shou】 No, no. No matter how much RUKI-san is telling me to speak more frankly, it’s impossible without having drinks first (lol).
【RUKI】 Talk more! Stiff stiff stiff! However this is also Shou-kun’s personality, huh. Because this is the foundation of his true character. That’s one of Shou-kun’s strong points, I think. Besides, in our generation, in terms of the senior-junior relationship, there is also that strict generation, we’re ingrained by them, aren’t we. In that matter, since we’re from the same generation, I can understand pretty well.
―― Because that is also RUKI-kun’s real character, right.
【RUKI】 True, true. Even if I say so myself, it’s also my true personality.
【Shou】 That’s right. No, but, it’s because my personality has become stiff from the years we entered the company (lol). Right when we entered the company, I hadn’t been this stiff and was really stupid (lol). But I was really serious when it comes to the band, because the more we’re into it, the more we can become like seniors. And along with that, our respect ((for seniors)) is growing rapidly.
【RUKI】 Oh well. The same thing goes for us, the moment Alice Nine walked into the company, they seemed unfriendly and they just kept going ahead. There’s that ‘don’t come near me’ aura as well, right.
【Shou】 In the beginning we didn’t approach anyone, right, scary.
【RUKI】 In our case, when we first walked into the company, being from a society with a vertical structure, we were also unfriendly. I think that perhaps we were exuding the “don’t talk to me!” aura. Probably this sort of impression was left in Shou-kun even until now, huh (lol). We’ve become adults now, more humble, and now when we first met people, we’d surprise ourselves thinking, “He’s unexpectedly nice to talk to!” (lol).
【Shou】 Ahahaha. But I think that’s an essential thing in a vertically structured society. I don’t think there’s anything wrong in that.
【RUKI】 Right. This doesn’t come out in public much, but I think to be the man standing on top is also sensibly an important thing, even in the matter of living as a human being. Under that significance, I don’t think Shou-kun will bend that way, because, despite his outer appearance, he’s actually very manly. I’ve only heard the rumors from around, but it is said that even if Shou-kun appears to be gentle, when he’s angry, he’s going to be the first to use his hands (lol).
【Shou】 Ahahaha. No no.
―― Even though you’re usually gentle, you’re unexpectedly stubborn, aren’t you, Shou-kun (lol).
[Shou] Yes. I’m pretty stubborn.
[RUKI] I think that’s good. It’s bad if you’re not stubborn. That’s why we’re being bad recently. Ah, no, no. Lately, every time I open my mouth, all I say is “Kids these days!” (lol).
[Shou] Ah, me too! Truthfully, there are lots of things I think about!
[RUKI] We can have this kind of talk no matter how many times, right. Ah, about that? It’s fine with me to keep talking about this, but is it okay for Shou-kun and his image (lol)?
[Shou] Ahahaha. It’s fine!
[RUKI] I absolutely think that, to some age limit, one experiences ((living in)) a vertically structured society. You, this is not some shyness level! Something like that. It’s because I’m awkward…… not that kind of level! Or that.
[Shou] Yes. Yes. I totally understand that. Please properly introduce yourself! That’s what I think.
[RUKI] That’s right. Even if you’re shy, you should introduce yourself! Like that, or, please keep going more stoically! Wait, Shou-kun, say something about this.
―― Ah, you’re running away (lol).
[RUKI] No no, it’s just that I’m the one doing all the talking (lol).
[Shou] In all sincerity, I think that all the effort that he’s been steadily piling up isn’t enough, this kid.
[RUKI] Ahahaha. There it is! This is turning into old men’s discussion (lol). Go on go on!?
[Shou] Why does it seem like we keep looking for an interesting excuse to keep this going on.
[RUKI] Doesn’t it? It does it does. There’s that sort of thing. I’m talking about the yutori generation, but we are approaching the weekend ((of our lives)) where we will soon need to rest, while this generation has just began. As I thought, it’s useless to put the blame on the yutori generation. It’s neo-yutori generation.
[Shou] Neo-yutori! That’s it! In our era, our goal is to be on good terms and shake everyone’s hands, right! I don’t see that sort of thing now.
[RUKI] None none none. There’s nothing like that, huh. I know how that feels~ (sympathy). In our time, we kept going in a blaze, right. Because, despite being on good terms, we’re still rivals. We struggled to shine even more. It’s no good if this sort of thing doesn’t exist. It’s becoming stagnant, I think. If we don’t face any crisis, then we’ll never grow. I should say, Shou-kun, you’re thinking about this sort of matter with that gentle face! Scary!
[Shou] Ahahaha. This is normal, you know.
[RUKI] But, in the olden days, even when members of the band gathered, we’d write 「My Professional Ideas」, right (lol).
[Shou] Ahahaha. Yeah, we wrote those kind of things. Something like「Professional Idea ・Girls=X」 (lol).
[RUKI] Right, right (lol). You’d have to have a hungry soul like that. Once you become major, you’ll be known a whole lot more and whatever, but when you step foot in the company, you can’t think of whether or not you’re going to be able to sell. Because, I think, no matter what happens, you must be able to struggle for yourself. Even though we’re in this company, if we didn’t do our best, we wouldn’t be able to pull out our strength.
[Shou] In our case, since we came in after the GazettE-san, of course they’ve become some sort of PS COMPANY’s brand. Under that condition, of course we respect them. But on the contrary, since we entered PS COMPANY, even though we weren’t experts, we didn’t want people to think we couldn’t sell anything. So for that reason, we practiced frantically.
[RUKI] That’s it, that’s it! That’s exactly what I meant with hungry soul. Yep. That’s what I think. But honestly, I think Alice Nine is awesome. In order to grow up, we stick to the music that we thought was good. I want to persist relentlessly in that way. Even to this day, we won’t easily nod our heads and agree with something we don’t actually approve. We’re a bothersome band, I think, but otherwise it’s not us.
[Shou] That’s right.
[RUKI] Surely, we’re serious, huh (lol).
[Shou] Really serious (lol).
―― You two, perhaps being that unsociable is also something in common between you.
[RUKI] I’m unsociable.
[Shou] Ah, me too.
[RUKI] If it was someone who is not interesting in my opinion, I won’t be able to talk deeply with them.
[Shou] I totally understand that as well.
[RUKI] Right. It’s different with hanging out with a calculative person, I will want to know about the person whom I think is interesting, but if this person can’t arouse my interest much further then I don’t think I can talk to them either.
―― What kind of a person can arouse your interest?
[RUKI] I did the ((CD)) jacket designing and direction among various other things, so someone who does those things in a band will attract me. In terms of a band, if a person is not interested in ((CD)) jacket, then I won’t be interested in them much further. It’s important that our sensitivities match.
―― Within that meaning, there was a time when Shou-kun worked in a tailor’s shop once, and for that reason you’re now responsible for the design of the whole Alice Nine’s visual appearance, right.
[Shou] That’s right. I’m responsible for those things, but really, I think RUKI-san is awesome in that matter. About RUKI-san, inside of my head I think, “It’ll be great if I can do something like this,” while sorting out my plans, but before it’s done I quickly feel a sense of defeat. I always feel such frustration, like, “Uwa~, I lost!”. Really, his presence always attracts attention. Ruki-san, that is.
―― What do you think the fans see in you two?
[Shou] He’s a weird guy, isn’t he?
[RUKI] That’s not it!
―― Not as a prince?
[RUKI] Right. I think so, yes. Just like a prince, right.
―― RUKI-kun is definitely not a prince, though.
[RUKI] Ahahaha. I’m not a prince, am I. I think Saga-san is somehow out of the question (lol), but Shou-kun is perfectly a prince.
[Shou] From the times of my childhood, I’m weak whenever I am considered cool.
[RUKI] It can’t be helped, you are cool.
[Shou] No, no. I’m not cool. It’s awful to be considered cool, when, if I could, I’d destroy myself.
[RUKI] That’s right, that sort of feeling. I think of it when I’m watching a LIVE. But since you’re cool, it’s fine if you stick to that cool character thoroughly to the end.
[Shou] Naw. That’s impossible to do!
[RUKI] Are you a shy guy?
[Shou] I am.
[RUKI] So cute (lol).
―― 30 minutes is ending gradually. It’s our time limit, but…
[Shou] Ah, is it okay if I say one thing! There’s one thing that I wanted RUKI-san to hear.
[RUKI] Please please (lol).
[Shou] Where does RUKI-san get all the sources for his image? I’d like to know where he stretches his antennas. I’ll be able to go to heaven if only he’ll tell me that one thing.
[RUKI] Go to heaven you say (lol)! Don’t go to heaven yet (lol)! Naw, where do I stretch my antennas, I wonder? I don’t specifically stretch my antennas anywhere, really. Even in music I hardly listen to band sounds. In my case, since music and design go side by side, I don’t stretch my antennas in either place separately…… But then I like the real story behind that (lol). It’s because I love to gossip (lol). By gossiping, I get to know lots of information (lol). I’m not sociable, but to gain knowledge from gossiping is something I like.
[Shou] I think, in RUKI-san’s lyrics, he is able to thoroughly express human nature. If a person doesn’t have a purely clean heart, will he be able to see something corrupt as not corrupt. That’s why, I think that RUKI-san is a man with a clean heart from the lyrics he wrote. In my case there are many clean lyrics, so, conversely, I end up thinking where it might get rough.
[RUKI] I see.
[Shou] That’s why, RUKI-san is a great guy!
[RUKI] Ahahahaha. What the hell, all of a sudden (lol). But thanks for the compliment (lol).
[Shou] I still want to talk to you. Please come along with me for some relaxing drinks!
[RUKI] Right. Relaxing now. I should say, really, Alice Nine, do your best! We ((the GazettE)) will do our best as well. Of course we’re doing our best for the company that has been supporting us.
[Shou] Yep. We’ll do our best! Thank you so much for today!
[RUKI] Likewise. Once we’re going out for some drinks, you should talk less stiffly (lol).
[Shou] I’ll try to (lol).
= END =
Note: Yutori Generation (ゆとり世代): A system in teaching that Japanese Government has implemented since 2002.

Translation by: theGazettE_INA & Alice9_INA

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