Sunday, July 15, 2012

Alice Nine Delusional Calls

Alice Nine 妄想電話 application information

Get the app:
Android | iPhone (yet to be released)
The application includes:
  • Links to all of the members blogs + staff
  • Shortcuts to pictures posted on their blogs
  • Links to all twitter accounts
  • Profile information
  • Preview of each song on the “9” album (they will probably update the previews with every release)
  • Links to all official A9 websites
  • News updates (A9 staff twitter account more or less)
Premium details:
¥350 per month or 344アメG (ameblo) in order to receive:
  • A call from each member Monday-Friday
  • Secret ‘delusion’ photos of the members updated weekly
  • Access to live wallpapers of A9
Call schedule:
  • Monday = Saga
  • Tuesday = Nao
  • Wednesday = Shou
  • Thursday = Hiroto
  • Friday = Tora
Sometimes special events are held - the first one was chance to live chat with the members to commemorate the release of the application.
Even if you don’t pay for the full services, this app is a must have for all A9 fans who want to keep updated!

thanks to; a9-fantasy-denwa.tumblr [although i get this information from some group at facebook XDa]
ps; join the community if u want to hear their voice~ X)

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  1. The information you posted here is from so please credit it accordingly...

    Also, could you please link people to the Livejournal community ( instead of asking to PM you for the recordings. It's to prevent the links leaking outside of the comm so PSC doesn't stop me from recording and posting like they did previously. Thanks!