Thursday, July 5, 2012

Alice9 Channel May 18th 2012 [english sub]

  • YFC is "YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz", a side-project(?) by a famous musician, GACKT
  • A "Famicom" is an old (1983) video game console
  • "Sugi" is a Japanese comedian. Click here to see his act
  • 2700 is a comedy duo. Click here to see their act.
  • Lola is a model / singer etc. Click here to see what she's like
  • hide is/was a famous musician from the rock band "X JAPAN"
  • Johnny's (& Associates) is a Japanese entertainment company that produces male idols
  • (Neon Genesis) Evangelion is a Japanese franchise
  • X-men are a fictional team of mutant superheroes
Download Links:
Hard-Subbed: (Version where text is on a black background)
Mediafire: Here
Hard-Subbed: (Version where text is in the black window underneath the actual video i.e how the older episodes were done)
Mediafire: Here
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Soft-Subbed: (.ASS and .SRT)
Mediafire: Here

Original Video Credits: azshannar
Hard-Subbing and Soft-Subbing Credits: azshannar

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