Friday, July 27, 2012

Alice9 Channel, June 22nd, 2012 [english sub.]

  • I cannot hear the person that Hiroto apparently almost ran into at Roppongi so I had to leave it as (?????)
  • "Three highs" and "three lows" were a buzz words in Japan meaning the three things that people look out for in a potential partner (usually in males), and usually referred this things like high income, good education etc. Since it' was a term applied to males, I assume the "three highs" Saga is talking about are a woman's measurements
  • "Two block" is a type of hairstyle, like Tora's (and the rest of Alice Nine), where the sides are shaved but the top part is kept long
  • The coach of the Japan men's national soccer team is Alberto Zaccheroni, so people call the current squad "Zaccheroni Japan", which is how the staff came up with "Sagaroni Japan"
  • The "Whistle of Asia" is a joke from the "Whistle of the Middle East", as Middle Easteren soccer referees are said to give favour to the team playing on home soil or make disputable calls
  • "Japanet" is a TV shopping show
  • "Captain Tsubasa" is a comic / cartoon about soccer
  • Something went wrong with the subtitling at 1:09:55. Tora was supposed to say "Pretty scary. There happened to be this mountain path and when I followed it back, for some reason, Saga was standing in the middle of the ocean."
Original Video Credits: azshannar
Hard-Subbing and Soft-Subbing Credits: azshannar
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Soft-Subbed: (.ASS and .SRT)
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