Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Unknown magazine.. *???*

Anyone know what is the name of this magazine???

ヒロト's brother married..?

I just know this. Hiroto's brother got married a few days ago. おめでとうございます!!! d^_^b

I know it from this;

RT @AliceNine_SHOU ヒロトの兄ちゃんね(´・∀・`)RT @AliceNine_saga: ヒロト結婚か〜

saga originally said that Hiroto is married, but it seems shou confirmed that the marriage was the brother Hiroto

7th THEATER 「Pamphlet」 [Preview II]

Credits; A9 venezuela

B=Pass 2012-01 *Preview

Credits; faix

Club Zy. Comment *2011-11-25

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Saga x Shou group at Fb

Shoxx Vol.226 2011-12

Credits: Ledahime@LJ