Saturday, September 17, 2011


This day He become 30 years old!! 
I hope;
he became a better person than before.. 
more successful career 
get married, hehehee~
become a more perfect person and a better person
and of course, always together with ALICE NINE!


Name: Tora
Real name: Amano Shinji
Part: Guitar, piano
Birthday: 17 September 1980 ===>1981???
Blood type: O
Height: 182cm
Weight: 70kg
Foot size: 27.5cm
Hobby: Skateboarding and reading BMX
Favorites Color: White, Black
Brand: GUCCI(Past), ADIO(Current)
Music: KoЯn
Manga: Kyo Kara Ore Wa
Drink: Oolong Tea
Karaoke song: Shiina Ringo and Boowy
Phrase: Mendokusai! (means: annoying)
Pet: A Cat (names; Chikin)
Perfume: Burberry(Past), his own composition(Current)
My Boom: Authority's apparent lack of power, cho-shu-koriki
First musical instrument he learned to play: Bass guitar
Childhood hero: None
Sports engaged in: None
Greatest influence: Dimebag Darell
Strongest point: Secret
Weakest point: Secret
Something he'll never give up: The time to sleep and my beliefs
Something he currently likes: Nagasu Koriki
My future enthusiasm : make 2008 the Alice Nine Year(last)
Past bands: Karasu, arakune, Givuss (with Shou)

>Cried in Alice in Wonderland live Shibuya-AX in 31.8.2005
>His name Tora means Tiger
>I have never seen him smiling in the ends of a live
>He almost never writes in his diary
>Adds English words to songs.
>He’s the biggest KoЯn fan
>He’s the one how got the idea to put the backwards R in Alice in WondeЯland (he got the idea from KoЯn)
>He bought a guitar just for recording
>He has a heartagram tattoo on his right forefinger, he got it in October (maybe)
>Uses glasses
>Smokes (STOP SMOKING!!)
>He’s the strongest band member
>He dyed his hair blood once
>Plays the piano (for example in ‘FANTASY’)
>1 hole on the right side of his lips, 1 hole on the middle of his lips(Past)
>Calls himself “The lonely wolf”
>He's 1/4 American as his grandmother or grandfather is an American

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