Monday, August 1, 2011

We'll meet again, right, Isshi?

Unexpected Farewell - We'll meet again, right, Isshi?
MJP Twitter Stories:
Unexpected Farewell - Only the Best Die Young (;_;)

-- Sad news seem to not come to an end again this summer. Just on Monday is has been officially made public that former Kagrra, vocalist Isshi had passed away on July 18th 2011. It came as a surprise to many...not just the fans, but his fellow artists and friends were left in shock and disbelieve. As a little tribute and a big thank you, we would like to dedicate this weeks twitter stories to him.

Ruki (the GazettE): I can't say anything. Isshi-san. I can certainly not believe this.

HIROKI (D): Isshi-kung, I am praying for your soul with all my heart.

Aoi (the GazettE): Isn't it way too early? What's that supposed to mean. Isn't it stupid? Once I get over there please let me strike one blow! The stories didn't suffice yet. There were so many more things I wanted to hear. Right now, your beautiful voice is only echoing sadly. Shit. That's not how I wanted to hear it.

Suzuki (Former editor of SHOXX and friend): My strength to work has dropped to 0. Isshi had been appearing in the event I had been holding just recently and we had talked about doing something like that again. Right now, all I can do is fold my hands in prayer.
There after he had come to our office. That that would be the last time. I couldn't guess.

Hiroto (Alice Nine): There is this dark, deep and lonely hole in my heart. Despite this, we need to face tomorrow!!!

MIYAVI: i was very saddened to hear the news of my friend. my thoughts and prayers are with him forever, ever.

-- Isshi will be forever missed by fans around the world a like. Please only ever think the best of him.
All that is left to say is: Thank you. Where everyone is, is where Kagrra, is. Where Kagrra, is, is where everyone is...and Kagrra, and Isshi are in our hearts.


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