Wednesday, August 3, 2011

THE TOKYO HIGH BLACK Release Single for Download ONLY

THE TOKYO HIGH BLACK to Release Download Single

It has been announced recently that PS COMPANY band THE TOKYO HIGH BLACK will be releasing its first single "wanna see u" for download only at 10 August 2011

The band is composed of Musasabi (NAOKI, formerly Kagrra,), MON-MARSHY (Tora, Alice Nine), MADAO (Keiyuh, Kra) and as a new official member Tomorrow Joe (Saga, Alice Nine) will join them again. The group had it's debut performance at the PS COMPANY event TRIBAL ARIVALL 99 in 2010 and they will also be standing on stage again at this year's "PS COMPANY PRESENTS Peace&Smile Carnival 2011 SHIBUYA 7DAYS at C.C.Lemon Hall". They will be supported by the members "Rice Puff" and "Salad Ham" on bass and drums.

The first single of what started out as a not so serious project, will be released on August 11th 2011 and will be available via various download sites for mobile download.

Tomorrow Joe (Guitarist) 
*Saga-Alice Nine

MON-MARSHY (Guitarist)
*Tora-Alice Nine

MADAO (Vocalis)

MUSASABY (Vocalis)
NAOKI-[formerly] Kagrra

Source; MJP

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