Sunday, August 14, 2011

Account hijacking @alicenine_STAFF

Account hijacking @alicenine_STAFF by TORAXSAGA

PSC: THE TOKYO HIGH BLACK's "wanna see you" debute at #1 on the daily dwongo charts

SHOU: congrats lol (in response TTHB getting the #1 spot)

starting from this, the account was hacked by TORAXSAGA

Staff: THE TOKYO HIGH BLACK are aiming to have a one-man show at Seibu Dome.

Staff: Their rivals are Golden Bomber.

Staff: by tomorrow joe

Staff: Call me "TJ" on the 15th.

Staff: Sorry, I meant the 16th.

Staff: I'll get pissed if you call me "TJ" on LU/V's day.

Staff: We got #1 on the daily charts. How did that happen? by Marshy.

Shou: Are you Taxxxro Marshy? (In response to Marshy's tweet) ["Marshy" is Tashiro Masashi's nickname]

Staff: I love you guys, by Marshy.

Staff: I'll give you all a hug, by Marshy.

Staff: Rice Puff is amazing.

Staff: What's a magnum? Where is it?

Staff: It should be a cannon instead, not a magnum.

Staff: Will practice CHAGE&ASKA songs.

Staff: Hideki is my inspiration☆

Staff: yah yah young man☆

my reactions; CRAZY MAN!! XD *laugh*

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