Thursday, August 23, 2012


 Information about Lives:
10/5/2012 SINGAPORE (detail will be added soon)
Artist: MUCC, UNiTE.

10/7/2012 Jakarta (detail will be added soon)
Artist: MUCC, Alice Nine and other

11/3/2012 Tokyo / ZEPP TOKYO
Artist: MUCC, Alice Nine, girugamesh, SuG, UNiTE., D=OUT
at 13:00 start 14:00
Ticket: 6,300 Yen (including tax) to 6,800 Yen (including tax)

OMAIGAAATT do you seee thisss!!?? its write JAKARTA!!!!!
omaigaatttt i'm waiting for thisss!!! i'm sooo happy coz i life in indonesiaaa and ALICE NINE WILL COME TO MY COUNTRY!!! omg2!! and this is the firts overseas live for alice nine since a few years ago righttt!!!???? huwaaaa!! i cried when know this for the first timee!!!
i'll come and see them! sureeee!! althoungh i must traveling for 1 day to go to jakartaa!! omaigatttt!! this is really dreams come trueee! #cry again

and u knoww thisss??? since the announcement about live at jakarta,alice nine become a trending topic indonesia at twitterrr!! omg!! number six indonesiaaa! i proud of youu!!! T^T #cry

okee! we must prepare for thiss!! see u at jakarta alice nineee!!! XDDD 
btw, thanks to yuuki who captured this trending topic picture ^^b

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