Thursday, August 9, 2012

Alice9 Channel, July 13th 2012 [english sub]

  • Kosakai Kazuki is the host of a TV show called "Raion no Gokigenyou", which means something like "A Lion's 'How are You?'"
  • TUBE are an old Japanese band who have sung many songs about Summer
  • The spelling of "dolphin" in Chinese characters / kanji are "sea" and "pig"
  • "Gundam Seed Remastered", is the remake of an old cartoon
Hard-Subbed: (Version where text is on a black background) // .AVI // 360MB
Mediafire: Here
Hard-Subbed: (Version where text is in the black window underneath the actual video)
Mediafire: Here
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Mediafire: Here
Credit: Azshannar 

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