Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Visual Battle Royale ~Spring Sports Carnival~ [28 april 2012] eng. sub

(Version where text is on a black background)
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(.ASS and .SRT)
Mediafire: Here

Please use HJSplit to join the videos.

  • Piccolo, Gohan and Master Roshi are all characters from "Dragon Ball Z", a comic / cartoon
  • "Radio Exercises" are morning exercises that every student does at school (and some company workers)
  • See Alice9 Channel dated April 26th, 2011 to see what Saga means about getting bullied over jump rope
  • "Giants" and "Hanshin" are Japanese Professional Baseball teams, and Tsuyoshi Shinjo is a baseball player
  • T.M Revolution / Nishikawa Takanori is a famous musician. Click here for an idea on what they're trying to imitate

Thanks to: azshannar & aliceinrainbows@LJ

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