Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saga's 30th Birthday is Today~

wow! now he's 30 years old.. >_<
i hope he always w/ alice9.. >/\<  heheehe


Real Name: Sakamoto Takashi
Birth Date: June 24th, 1982
Blood Type: AB
Height: 176 cm  (5'9" )
Weight: 55kg
Foot size : 27 cm
Favorite colour: Golden
Hobby: dogs, walking, sadistic hobbies
Favorite Phrase: "Wife!" (奥さん!)
Favorite Brands: NCYHAIT, abx, ZUCCa, Garson, Ku
Favorite Music: UNDERWORLD, downy, NUMBER GIRL, Music that makes you feel floaty/sick
Fascination: Clothes
Won't Give Up: things I'm proud of

Born in Koriyama (in the Fukushima prefecture), around kindergarden moved to Tokyo.
He has an older sister and younger brother.
His mother is a nurse.
His father is a salaryman employed at a securities/bonds company.
The first instrument he ever played was harmonica when he was kindergarten.
He had been doing judo until the 4th grade
He really liked to draw as a child but Tora says he really sucks at it XD
In elementary school he was a very naughty kid and often got into fights
In grade 5 of elementary school, he fell in love for the first time
He styled his hair since junior school and by middle school was dying it and doing his eyebrows)
He says he lost his virginity at 15
He wanted to become a musician after listening to Mr. Children
He liked to play baseball in elementary school, but by junior high he became interested in Visual Kei and there was no way to combine the two interests.
According to Shou he fails at every sport they tried playing together
He moved out of his parents' house after school but later returned
He's a big fan of Gundam
He worked at McDonald's and Wendy's
Saga and Nao used to share a place together
He always mentioned that he’s S (sadistic) type, but Nao said that Saga’s actually M.
He eats the most among the members
He drinks the most among the members
He began smoking in 2006
His room is always messy
He likes taking long baths
He often forgets things and gets late for appointments
He released his own model of bass and pick. His bass is called which means flame.
He writes the most songs among the members
He can play piano which he sometimes does at the concerts
He had a dog called Chiko which he claimed to be his best friend but Chiko died in January 2012

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