Monday, June 20, 2011

About 5000 Fans Gathered to Meet Alice Nine at Their New Single[BLUE FLAME] Event

On Saturday (June 11th),  
Alice Nine held their new single "BLUE FLAME" release event (special stamp event) at Tokyo Fashion Town Building in Ariake. And about 5000 fans gathered to meet them.

Shou said;
"I'm glad that many fans came in the rain.
We would like to share our emotion with fans through
our shows and music this year too.
We always want to make something good surprise for fans."

Some lucky fans were able to take a picture with Alice Nine
matching the following rules:

1) One pair: Original good (sticker)

2) Three of a kind: Polaroid picture of a band member

3) Four of a kind: Picture with one of the band members

4) Full house: Picture with two of the band members

5) Royal Straight Flash: Picture with all band members

 Some fan got the Royal Straight Flash!

Source; littlebitwhite

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