Friday, October 26, 2012


first of all.... GOMENASAAAAAAAAAAII!!!!! >/\<

sorry beforeee!! i never opened this account since i've started my study in university.. gomen.
btw,this has been 9 week since i started my study... and this is so hard for me for adaptation and other..

so, i hope u all can understand..

and,,because i didn't have something to help me for online and other.. so i can't give u the lastest post for now and so on..
i'll always update my blog,but,,maybe it will be late for 1 or 2 weeks since the news appears. gomen again.. T^Ta

heemm.. for now,i still not updating my blog, but i'll do it one by one. okay! ^^a
please waiting for that..

and, i have a good news.. ah-this is a good news for me,,hahaha! because i life in Indoesia,so at 7 october, i going to Skenno Hall at Gandaria City in Jakarta... u know for what? for J-Rock Evolution Concert!! yeaayy!!! finally! i can see Alice Nine live in front of my eyes!!! i cried when i saw them for the first time!
ah- okay, i have some live report,photo and video.. but i can't uploading the video and photo. u know-lah... it will make our country in the black list if they know about that. but some of my friends send their photo to me via e-mail.. so, just tell me if u want it too ^^a

ja.. sorry again before. i'm back and i'm going to start updating this blog.. :Db


  1. hey.. can I get the photos? I will tell you my email add . Many thanks..