Friday, May 4, 2012

ヒロト's 27th BIRTHDAY is TODAY!!

お誕生日おめでとう ヒロト
This day He become 27 years old!! 
I hope;
he became a better person than before.. 
more successful career 
more hyperactive.. Lollll XD
become a more perfect person and a better person
and of course, always together with ALICE NINE!

ah,, a few week ago im joining BATI [bring alice nine to indonesia] to send a letter to hiroto.. hehehehh
if u want to see.. just open this HERE @my personal livejournal..

Artist name: Hiroto
Real name: Ogata Hiroto
Nick name: Pon
Part: Guitar
Age: 25
Birthday: 4. May 1985
Blood type: O
Height: 167cm
Weight: 51kg
Foot size: 26cm
Hobby: Visit famous places in Japan and photographing them(Past),clothing and watching a movie(Current)
Favorites Color: Red, gold
Brand: Effect clothes(Effect no Fuku), ADIDAS(Past),Velvet Lounge, John Lawrence Sullivan(Current)
Artist: NINE INCH NAILS, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Clammbon
Music: Hot Post-Rock music
Manga: DragonBall Z
Drink: O-cha -> Green Tea, Healthya, 100% Peach juice
Karaoke song: Songs from Kinki Kids,
Hide Phrase: Ikeru darou? (means: Shall we go?)
Pet: a dong, Mogu
Perfume: None.
My Boom: Skateboarding and collecting shoes
First musical instrument he learned to play: Acoustic guitar
Childhood hero: Gundam
Sports engaged in: Running
Greatest influence: Hide-san
Strongest point: "I can't lie. Immediately feels heat."
Weakest point: "I can't lie. Immediately feels heat."
Something he'll never give up: He's beliefs and his guitar
Something he currently likes: Collecting shoes
Future enthusiasm : I’ll go toward to the scene I'd never seen.
Past bands: BAQUEPIA

>Carried/Lifted Shou up in the backstage during PSC Tour.
>Loves everything about stars
>When he was child, he wanted to be Johnny’s  Junior’s
>He loves Spiderman so much, sometimes he called ‘Hirito man’ (hirito means: spider)
>Has grown up most in the band
>He heard once that a teacher said that they didn’t care about their students, and that broke his heart totally.
>Was still in High School when he was in alice nine.
>Keeps the energy in the band
>He’s the person who will do a lot if he can.
>He says that when he shouts something to a microphone, his teeth always hits hard on the microphone
>Only one in the band to use his own real name.
>Smokes (STOP SMOKING!!)
>Ripped off his T-shirt in a live
>Does the sound effects in the album Zekkeishoku

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