Tuesday, July 26, 2011

PSC nico nico live broadcast

PSC nico nico live broadcast [MORE INFO]
『~ ヴィジュアルバトルロイヤル ~ PS COMPANY 夏の陣!』 information:
here is some more important information regarding the nico nico live broadcast featuring members from alice nine (Hiroto, Saga, Tora), SCREW (Byo, Jin), ViViD (Shin, Koki), and SuG (Takeru, Chiyu).

...◄ the broadcast starts at 10PM JST with no estimated ending time
◄ it’s on the 31st [nao’s birthday]
◄ this broadcast does not count as the alice9 channel broadcast. the alice9 channel monthly show will be aired on july 29th [no information given on who will be on the show this time, though]
◄ the guests will be: tora = host, hiroto, saga, takeru (sug), chiyu (sug), shin (ViViD), ko-ki (ViViD), byou (SCREW), and jin (SCREW)
◄ here is the link to where you will view the broadcasting when the time has come:​lv57544454

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